return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength.

What is up with the words on the right?

Doing the research for this page, I came across this very long list of synonyms for RECOVER. In one moment I realized they nearly all apply to me. I had a leaking eye moment, might have lasted for twenty minutes or so. Perhaps longer. Just a few short years ago, I had a pretty nasty car accident. When I say nasty, they called my son and told him I was not going to make it. NASTY. My body literally shut down while I was driving to an appointment with a client. Zip. Out of gas. Out of magnesium. Out of potassium. Minerals your body needs to actually function (not fun when you are driving a car). My sister made it to the hospital first, then family followed, I am guessing my mom was last, since she lived the farthest. I can't tell who, because I was in a coma. In and out of a coma for 10 days. Broken ribs, traumatic head injury (my head hit the driver side window when I was T-Boned), lacerated liver, punctured lung, fractured collar bone. I remember the nurse wiping blood from my face because she didn't want my family to see me like that. Broken and bleeding.

Because my heart had stopped, coupled with the brain trauma, it was kind of like having a stroke. I had to learn to walk again (came home on a walker, then graduated to a cane), my handwriting was horrific (still having issues with that five years later), words sometimes get lost still between the brain and the mouth. There are a few I have not forgotten (wink). I many moments of feeling sorry for myself. I had many moments of wondering why I survived. I had many moments. (I am having one right now)

I pulled thru the accident and then the months of physical therapy. Electric diodes hooked to my scalp. I responded to treatment. I made progress. I am still improving. You get the idea. Last year I was struggling with sleeping, and tagged along with my sister to a sleep study for Dentists who practice sleep medicine workshop. A lot of the words were lost on me — but one thing was not ... good sleep is necessary for your body to function. You don't necessarily need a c-pap machine. Some people who snore, their airway collapses, which might make swallowing pills or capsules difficult.

Then the brain kicked in ... what if there was some sort of tea, or supplement that could melt in water? Swallow easily before bed, make a night-time ritual of sipping, slowing down, preparing for rest.

We started the formula with powdered herbs, tasty and effective, but kinda like swallowing mud with sticks. (yes, I have friends who give those kinds of reviews, thank you Madelyne), moved on to version 2, version 3, but the herbs weren't doing the melting we wanted. More research. The body needs magnesium. Add in some L-Theanine to help promote drowsiness. 5-HTP to help the body deal with stress and enhance sleep. Tasty vanilla chai for a beautiful night-time ritual. (I loved the citrus mint flavor, but was so clearly outvoted).

Hmm, perhaps this is my why. 


regain one's strength

regain one's health

get stronger

get back on one's feet

feel oneself again

get back to normal

return to health

be on the mend

be on the road to recovery

pick up


respond to treatment

make progress



take a turn for the better

turn the corner

get out of the woods

get over something

shake something off

pull through

bounce back


pull round

perk up







find (again)

track down


claw back