Launching a new product

This has been a labor of LOVE.

When my daughters started discussing a new sleep aid, without any addictive properties, I was ecstatic. Much to my chagrin I was adding a sleep aid pill from one of the “big box stores” to my nightly Rx pills. I just could not stay asleep. Go to bed, fall asleep, wake up (hopefully) to relieve my poor old bladder, then lay awake. Sometimes the entire night! This does not make for a happy camper in the morning. Struggle through the morning, COFFEE, lunch, and of course doze through the afternoon. Bedtime, repeat!  

I could not wait for the formulation!  

Formula tasting. Discussions. Retries. More tasting. And then EUREKA!!!!!

Smooth taste, great aroma

Started searching for a manufacturer, some good news, some setback news, packaging questions. 2020 COVID! NOW  is the perfect time to be on the market. But not to be. As we all too well remember the WORLD shut down.

The kitchen became the testing lab, and time marched on.

Finally, the day came that lead to the right manufacturer, the right contacts, the right people.

And in April of 2022 the first box of the run was delivered for inspection! We were ready to solve the sleep problems of the world!

So much enthusiasm. We need to get out there and spread the word!

The Women’s Expo was coming to Phoenix, April 30 and June 1, it was an omen!

Advertising, Flyers, cards, web page, you think of it, we did it. And in record time!

Down we went to the Phoenix Convention Center, we met many nice people, expecting every one of them to purchase our new and wonderful product — Melt Into ZZZ — asking for feedback via our website. We did get some feedback, but do you give feedback when the cashier asks you, please go to our website and fill out the short questionnaire? Right, probably not!

Did this put a crimp in our enthusiasm? NO! it did give us a learning opportunity of:

• take a deep breath

• think it over,

  • research, research, research.

We are still pursuing retail opportunities, word of mouth, and vendor sales (which is my favorite) time to meet and greet!

I highly recommend our product. I have been taking it almost every night. I no longer have restless leg, and according to my daughter Amy, do not snore, I can wake up in the night and go easily back to sleep.

As the commercial from days gone by states TRY IT! YOU MIGHT LIKE IT!